Good Food Box Update March 5, 2018

The Food Action Society is sad to announce the Good Food Box program will be ending effective March 5, 2018. A drastic decline in orders, increasing food costs, and the availability of other food delivery options have made the Good Food Box program unsustainable for our small organization.

It is with heavy hearts that the Board made the difficult decision to close the Good Food Box program. We know the positive impact it has made over the years in the lives of people who need help to access nutritious, healthy foods. This decision was not made lightly.

Enrolment in the program has been declining over the past few years, which has been a growing concern to our organization. It’s an indication that the program is not meeting the needs of our community, despite the best efforts of our staff, a group of very dedicated volunteers, and community sponsors. Over the past year, the Board has been evaluating the program and attempting to find ways to keep it running.

After much deliberation, the volunteer Board of the Food Action Society made the decision to close down the program, with the intention of assessing community needs and seeking ways to create more effective and sustainable food distribution and access programs in the future. We are making every effort to minimize impacts on those receiving the Good Food Box.

Although we will not be running the Good Food Box in March, we have a list of those who have pre-ordered boxes and we will issue refunds on the regularly scheduled distribution day, March 15th, between 2-6 pm at the All Saints Anglican Church, 3205 – 27th Street, Vernon.

Refunds will be given if a receipt for the Good Food Box is brought to that location. If individuals don’t have their receipt, we will check our lists to confirm names and orders. For those who can’t pick up a refund on March 15th, please contact us to make arrangements for a later date.

If individuals receive a sponsored box, the refund will be returned to the sponsor rather than the person who receives the box. We will be in contact with sponsors in the next few days.

We welcome the input of community members as we work to create a sustainable program that meets the needs of our community. We welcome feedback about the Good Food Box program from participating volunteers, Food Action members, sponsors, agencies, and regular subscribers of the Good Food Box. Please forward your comments about your experiences with the Good Food Box together with your contact information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or contact us via our website at

Thank you for all your support of the Good Food Box.


Get Involved


Everyone is welcome to get involved with The Good Food Box program.


We need volunteers to:

- order produce
- weigh produce
- pack boxes
- distribute boxes


Call Diane Fleming on 250-545-7617 to learn more.

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Sample Good Food Box


5lbs Potatoes
1lb Onions
2lbs Carrots
1 Romaine Lettuce
1 Bunch of Broccoli
1 BC Long English Cucumber
2lbs Yams
1lb Roma Tomatoes
3lbs Mac Apples
1lb Red Grapes
12 Oranges

All for $17


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